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Soul Weaving

“Soul loss and Retrieval” - a way of understanding wellness. There are many other cultural ways of understanding yourself in the world. The “story” of soul loss shows us one of many healing paths. You can use this story to replace your current understanding or let it stand beside them.


You have found yourself in a curious time. You are unsure but have more questions and determination to get things balanced. Yet, on the other hand, you feel as though you have lost pieces of yourself. Or eager to connect components, people, and single-serving relationships curiously.


Our ancestral lineage and our current past can hold much weight. Yet, working through the shadows, we sometimes face the moments we are not our best selves. As we do, we need to forgive ourselves as deeply rooted in our ancestors. Forgiveness paves the path for new outcomes for the next generations and peace.


Accepting the things we cannot change and doing the work to be the best version of ourselves as we can be. How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours. Life can be complex and have so many things out of our control. The only thing you ever have control of is yourself.

Let GO

One of the absolute most challenging things I ever had to do was let go of trying to think I alone could change things. The ego is a dangerous yet ambitious lil thing. Learn how our life force & ego can work together to let go.

Self Love

Self Love is easier said than done. Though - you must put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else. If you are not unequivocally in love with yourself, how can you truly give the love others need?

Self acceptance

The same goes with self-acceptance; you can only accept others as much as yourself, Flaws and all. Self-acceptance allows one to break free, live in the Now, and be impeccable.

What is

Soul Weaving

Growth From Trauma

Know yourself? What are your strengths & weaknesses? Your hang-ups and triggers? How your gut health is a direct outcome of your mental health? How can routines make or break you?

Realizing A Bigger Picture

Curiosity is an excellent power for understanding. Knowledge passed down told that if we do not follow our souls' desires, we become ill, as our souls can leave us if we abandon them.


Love yourself & be able to love others the way they need to heal. Together we can cause a ripple effect in society by starting with the human in the mirror.

Alisa Centehua CRuz


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Alisa Centehua Cruz First Generation Chicana Soul Weaving CuranderaBee The ChangeAlisa Centehua Cruz First Generation Chicana Soul Weaving Curandera
Alisa centehua Cruz


I am a first-generation Mexican American, fifth generational Curandera born with healing, seeing, and intentional focus on frequency in the body and the balance of one's mind.

I did not choose to be a Curandera. Three generations of women raising me had groomed me. At 46, I feel as if I have lived many lifetimes. However, every experience has brought me here today. I have walked in the shadows & light with a curious nature.

I have studied a vast majority of all religions. However, being raised in a mixed-parent home and going to random private schools of the variety of 7th-day Adventist, Pentecostal, & Catholic backing, I had many questions.

I have been around death and dying since a very young age. Death is a natural occurrence like migration, changing seasons, and evolutionary and environmental change.

Along the path of life, we pick up information, energy, and external beliefs that are not our own. We eat foods that do not digest. We live in such a rush we do not allow our bodies to regenerate correctly.

I was on a path to becoming an Internal Medicine Medical Doctor. However, I quickly became mentally and physically weak from being unable to heal all my patients. However, I was very good at inorganic and organic chemistry, so I became a pharmacist. From there, I got my Masters in Oriental Medicine.

The body & mind are fascinating; both connect or keep us from connecting to our higher selves, give us dis-ease, mentally break us down, or can completely heal with soul intention.

My goal is to work with your mind, body & spirit to reach balance and internal homeostasis and to understand yourself completely. I work with Natal Charts, Circadian Rhythms, Feng Shui, Frequency, and 9.5ph living water.

55 S Atlantic St, Ste 406, Seattle, Wa, 98134



The Curandera Heals

I didn't become a Curandera because I have it all figured out. I have dealt with not only my issues but issues of my parents and others before them. The conditioning we have to break to evolve. Not to stop the connection but to disconnect from things that no longer serve today's society.

Curanderismo is a practical way of healing through traditional remedies, ceremonies, prayers, rituals, and beliefs. Curanderismo, although from Aztec, Mayan & Incan Tribes in Latin America, is a birth-righted healer (chosen one) who takes on the balance of life, seeing the dark & light—seeing the dis-ease and illnesses as being off balance.
Healing from Trauma

Let Go

Destruction Creation

Destruction = Creation was something that always fascinated me. Not cause I was an emo goth kid who loved listening to the Smiths.

We must be the change for the world


Healing ancestrally

You cannot only heal yourself as you are your ancestral line. In other cultures, the birthing ceremonies and birth rights were cleansing of past trauma from the ancestral line.

You are not lost, you are here


Let Go To Be here now

So much will come up while balancing the inner & outer parts of you. Letting go and trusting there is more to come is part of the most challenging tasks. Wait until you learn to be in the NOW in every waking moment.